Pilates and Penches

Here is a common dance exercise that I’m teaching through the Pilates fundamentals. I often work with dancers that can perform big penches, but have not so great body mechanics. My goal in this video is to show that even if you don’t “practice” Pilates, proper mechanics of the body stays consistent. Being true to form will help keep you injury free and your body working better. I feel like in moves such as penches the dancer’s goal is height of the leg at the end of movement. With proper training you should reverse that thought process to alignment in the movement and execution of the whole combo. You may not be able get the height you want instantly however you will stay safe and get there through hard work. Enjoy!!


Prep for Splits & Straddles

Clients often come to me with a hope of gaining flexibility. There is no magic stretch or exercise, however this video helps to achieve goals faster. If you are not a dancer or if you are inflexible start with the first part of this video. It will gently help your leg muscles stretch in different planes. As you get better attempt the 2nd part of the video to improve   your splits and straddles. Remember never work though pain. Enjoy!!

Pilates and Plies

Well here we go! Something that I am super excited about… integrating dance and Pilates. Here is a video that uses plies as a great leg workout. Through my studies of Pilates I now understand that you have to strengthen all muscles, not just the “targeted” ones. For example your turnout will improve faster if you also work in internal rotation. So regardless of being a dancer or not, this is a great group of exercises to try. Enjoy!!


Advanced Abs – Complete

If you want a complete ab series, here you go! I have designed this video using all the different spinal planes to promote a healthy and supple spine. If you want a break down of all these exercises, view the videos below. It’s hard to accomplish but very worthy of your time. Please try these exercises and let me know how you feel afterwards. Enjoy!!

Advanced Abs – Side Plank

Side Plank… what a great exercise! Most things in our life take our bodies forward or backwards. This position is an excellent way to counterbalance those actions. In this video of Integration Information, Ill help you work in side plank correctly with fun variations that challenge your body. Enjoy!!